Mass of the Divine Shepherd

Carnegie Hall June 29 2015


Chorus, Children's Chorus, Orchestra, Handbells
Premiere, Carnegie Hall, New York City, 6/29/15
400 Voices, 600 Handbells, Orchestra
Stephen Layton, Conductor

Mass of the Divine Shepherd is a one-hour musical exploration of the figure of the Good Shepherd, unfolding as melodic dialogue between adult chorus with orchestra and antiphonal children’s chorus with handbells. Between these two stands the audience, a silent but indispensable third voice, called to active participation in the mysteries of that Shepherd who at once enfolds all in a universal and eternal embrace, and yet lays down his life for each, as if for each alone. 


1. Kyrie / Lord, Have Mercy
2. Glory to God
3. Children of God
4. I Believe
5. Celestial Liturgy 
6. The Lord is My Shepherd
7. Holy, Holy, Holy
8. The Lord’s PrayerLamb of God
9. Lamb of God

Mass of the Divine Shepherd – Notes

Mass of the Divine Shepherd – Theological Reflections