Things That Never Die
Children's Chorus (12-part), Piano (2018)

Cantor, SATB Chorus, Trumpet, Percussion, Organ (2018)

I Am the True Vine
SATB (2018)

Chorus (12-part) (2018)

To Follow the Star 
Children's Chorus (3-part), Organ (2017)

The Spirit of the Lord
Chorus (9-part) (2017)

So I Send Them  
SATB Chorus, Horn/Cello, Organ (2017)

Saint John Passion
6 Soloists, Handbells (2016) 

Chorus (12-part) (2016)

Mass of the Divine Shepherd
Chorus, Children's Chorus, Soloists, Handbells, Orchestra (2015)

Children of God (from Mass of the Divine Shepherd)
Mezzo-soprano, children's chorus, orchestra/chamber orchestra (2015)

The Love of God 
Chorus, Children's Chorus, Orchestra (2015)

Grant me O Lord 
SATB Chorus or TTBB Men's Chorus (2013)

The Lord is My Shepherd 
Tenor, Organ or Orchestra (2013)

Like a Shepherd
Chorus, Organ (2010)


Organ with genetic sequence and recorded song of the extinct Kaua'i o'o bird

Night Birds 
Carillon (2016)

Valley of Bakka
Orchestra (2010)

Orchestra (2008)

Still Life with Fruit
String Quartet (2008)

The Wine Maker's Philosophy  
Soprano, Flute, Piano (2008)

Chamber Orchestra (2008)

The Bells
Sampled carillon bells, spoken voice (2008)

Three Medieval Portraits  
Alto Flute, String Quartet (2007)

Jam To-Morrow and Jam Yesterday
Player Piano (2007)

Poème Symphonique   
Organ (2006)

In the Shadow of Your Wings
Chorus, Percussion, Organ (2005)

Rage Against the Dying of the Night
12 Percussionists (2004)

Four Pieces for Piano
Piano solo (2004)

Suite for Cello
Cello solo (2004)

Congregational singing

Mass of Welcome (2018)

The Waters of the Font (2018)

Come, Holy Spirit (2018)

Various Psalms